It is the space that offers luxurious welcoming to your loved ones.

We want you to have a high quality time with a resonating heart.

Stay about accommodation

A reserved villa can welcome up to 9 people.
You can enjoy the space where surprise and piece coexist without worries

house rule


16:00 to 22:00




We will pick you up, so please let us know the check-in time.
*If check-in time is after 22:00 or if you miss the timing, please check-in by yourself as the key is left in the key box at the entrance. Be sure to confirm the way of self check-in as we send the email beforehand.


  • The surrounding are residential area, so please be quiet at night (especially after 21:00). Thank you for your consideration.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the villa. -Smoking is allowed only on the rooftop terrace.
  • The child fare is counted as an adult fare.
  • Pets are not permitted in the villa.
  • Fire generating conducts such as barbecue or fireworks are prohibited in the house.

About reservation

Please make a reservation from the booking page as follows.



-Personal chef service

For those who wish to have some special time, we offer personal chef service, where a professional chef serves western creative cuisine for you in the villa.
Seasonal course meal A (5 dishes): ¥6,600 per person including tax.
Seasonal course meal S (7 dishes): ¥11,000 per person including tax.

  • A reservation is required 3 or more days before the service.
  • We cannot offer this service depending on the schedule, so please contact us beforehand.
  • Travel expenses are included in the fee. *We take orders from at least 30,000 yen.
  • Contents of the course meal differ depending on the season or timing. Please contact us beforehand.
  • If you cancel within 3 days, the cancellation fee will be half the price, and if you cancel on the day, the cancellation fee will be the complete price.


-Hourly rental: ¥20,000 per 3 hours

*Gathering in a small group or a gallery usage is welcomed. You can use it for a limited meeting or an event in the special space. Please contact us for a reservation.



  • 1Abeno Harukas

    A skyscraper complex with the height of 300m above the ground represents Japan’s highest building. You can enjoy comprehensively various facilities such as an observation deck, an art museum, a hotel, Japan’s largest class department store.

  • 2Shitennoji

    Japan’s first state-sponsored temple of Buddhism established by Shotokutaishi. It is the grand head temple of a Japanese non-sectarian temple.

  • 3Tennoji Park

    Tennoji Zoo, a famous Keitakuen Garden, Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, historic site Mt. Chausuyama, “Tenshiba” plaza and restaurants are located within the park. You can enjoy them when you are walking around.

  • 4Tsutenkaku / Shinsekai

    Shinsekai is a busy old downtown of Osaka, which retains much of the scenery of the Showa era. Tsutenkaku, an observation deck and the symbol of Naniwa, towers up in the middle of it.

  • 5Spa World, “World Hot Spring”

    A hot spring facility consists of hot springs and saunas from around the world. There is a pool, a couple of restaurants, aesthetic and massage salon, so everyone can enjoy including both adults and children.

  • 6shopping district of Nisinari-ward old downtown

    There are many cheap standing bars and restaurants specializing in delicious fried beef or pork offal in a row. The scenery makes Osakan feel fresh and nostalgic. To explore a town like this is the best part of traveling.


  • Shin-Osaka Station

    20 minutes from Doubutsuenmae Station by Osaka Metro.

  • Umeda Station

    15 minutes from Doubutsuenmae Station by Osaka Metro.

  • Osakajokoen Station

    15 minutes from Shin’imamiya Station by JR.

  • Universal-City Station

    20 minutes from Shin’imamiya Station by JR.



Reservations are accepted from the dedicated site.

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Business hours 10:00~22:00


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