Second floor


To spend memorable time together in the boundary of Osaka culture,that mixes the old and the new.

In the east part, Uemachidaichi that makes you feel the history, in the west part, crowded Shitamachi.
Here is the boundary line of Osaka culture.

Moderate light shine through the rooftop terrace, and spread in the center of Archimedean spiral staircase.
If you go up the one step of stairs, the scenery changes and visitors enjoy it.
Time flies when you have a conversation in the high quality space where surprise and piece coexist.

Please experience unforgettable time in the villa that was created by an artisan with a sense of fun.





  • 一日一組限定 都市型Villa

    [Limited to 1 group per day] Urban rental villa.

    The bond deepen by sharing time. You can enjoy special time with your loved ones without worries because it is reserved rental villa. Rental villa of 4LDK[101 m2] where you can relax as at home. It will welcome you with clean and high quality arrangements.

  • 建築


    Architectures created with a lot of efforts by an artisan with a sense of fun, such as Archimedean spiral staircase, atrium to the rooftop terrace, skip floor and the warmth of wood. Completed in 2020 spring. Enjoy high quality time in the unique space
    *Appeared in the “GA OUSES 172”, architectural magazine.

  • 立地


    When walking around, you can enjoy now and old days of Osaka, this is the area where different cultures mix. There are Abeno Harukas, Shitennoji, Tsutenkaku / Shinsekai, Tennoji Zoo, Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts and a restaurant district and so on. It is good location where you can enjoy not only main sightseeing spots in Osaka, but whole Kansai area.


In Architekton, we offer customers rooms and facilities where they can stay with loved ones and enjoy exciting time. Please check the page of Room.



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