An Experience
Like Never Before


Time is life
Discontinuity that occurs between continuity of everyday life.
Spend precious time resonating with one another, with your important ones, such as family, friends or companion.
We hope you will have unforgettable time not just stay.
Establish communication naturally, since it is comfortable that way, so that the beauty and surprise coexist.
How can customers spend such a splendid time?
This project started with such kind of thought.


The encounter with the mastermind of this project was in a bookstore in Osaka city.
The person was getting a consultation about an architecture on a staircase landing. I felt the seriousness in his answer as I overheard from a little far, so I talk to him. This is the person named Shotaro Suga of Suga Atelier whom I asked about the design this time. I was impressed that he is particular about each architecture and has a profound and unique perspective. After a few years, I started a villa rental business. I was about to enter challenge the construction of new property Doctor Suga pops up in mind first. When I consulted him as we gathered at the construction site, he willingly accepted my offer with interest. After that Dr. Suga devoted himself far beyond my imagination. Not only he pulled out my idea and understood my thought, but he embodied the idea to the beautiful form beyond expectation. It took him one year to complete the design drawing, and 10 months to construct the challenging architecture to be accomplished in March, 2020.
We hope you will enjoy the space created by the structure where you can connect with others anywhere you are, and craftsmanship present in the details, which contain light, sound, air and geometrical shape combined with playfulness.
We’d like to express our hearty thanks to Suga Atelier that undertook the construction design, Inase Kensetsu Co., Ltd. that constructed artistic architecture, which cannot be expressed in the words delicately enough or mere difficulty.

<Published in Magazines>
The 2021 January issue of the Japan architect (SHINKENCHIKU)


Uemachidaichi is located in the east and Chuseki plain in the west. Here is the intersection of Osaka culture.

Uemachidaichi has a firm and stable ground where historical buildings still remain, such as Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple Shitennoji and Osaka castle built by Hideyosi and so on. Also, there are modern buildings or commercial / cultural facilities such as Japan’s tallest skyscraper Abeno Harukas and Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts. So you can enjoy both the old and the new Osaka.
In the east, the plain was created by sediments of the river. There is a border between Naniwa ward and Nishinari ward, where the streets of merchants and commoners still remain. This is the location lined with Shinsekai centering on Tsutenkaku, symbol of Osaka, a zoo, and other spots such as standing bars and restaurants specializing in fried beef or pork offal. You can enjoy the nostalgic Showa era as if it was left behind and exposed in the modern era.

Please enjoy the atmosphere in this area with a mix of Osaka culture.



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